Author: Safi Ullah

What You Should Know About Electric Bike Laws and the Regulations

With more people turning to apprehend that bicycles are not just invented for recreational or exercising purposes, the popularity of e-bikes is growing rapidly worldwide. Apart from providing fitness and recreational usability, the primary function of an e-bike has always been to get from one destination to another.

How do electric bikes work?

With every passing day, the use of e-bikes is abruptly increasing. Nowadays, e-bikes can be seen almost everywhere, be it may the roads, cycle paths, or mountaineer tracks. This is because e-bikes are the perfect option for anyone who wants some extra power while enjoying cycling.

What’s Coming Next For Electric Bikes?

With the advancement in technology, the world is heading towards finding renewable resources. Traditional vehicles require fossil fuel to operate such as diesel or petroleum. As the global population is increasing rapidly, there is a high chance that we will run out of fossil fuels in the coming years.

How is e-bikes demand being affected by the pamdemic

The coronavirus has made the past year a difficult one across the entire world. From the equators to poles, every county has got affected by the virus and its consequences. The virus has severely affected the global economy, but there is still a glimmer of hope, as people are taking the precautions and safety measures.

Everything you need to know about Types of Electric Bikes

Cycling is appraised to have a positive effect on public health through increased physical activity. The assistance of an electric bike with a motor potentially eliminates any physical activity associated with its use.

Best E-bikes for Sale in 2021

The industry of electric bicycles is growing by leaps and bounds with more and more people turning towards easy and affordable alternatives to public transportation. Due to this dramatic increase in demand for e-bikes, we have now more efficient models of e-bikes in the market than ever.

Where did the idea of e-bikes come from, inventor, and history?

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear about an electric bicycle? Let me guess! It might be an image of a scooter or an electric

The Top 5 US National Parks to Ride Your E-Bike

The US National Park Service (NPS) has recently confirmed that effective from December 2, 2020; you will be able to ride your e-bike in NPS managed national parks in the US.

How E-Biking is Transforming City Cycling

E-bikes have swept the world by storm. The e-bike market is now a $15.4 billion industry, and growth continues to increase to meet consumer demand. But why have e-bikes become so popular?

Why Choose an E-bike?

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular on the roads. If you are already a cyclist, you will know how annoying it is when you are panting your way up a hill, only to be passed by someone who is seemingly exerting no effort.

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